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Freeze Dryer Upgrade Kit


This kit will eliminate 3 of the most annoying things about the freeze dryer.  The bumper pads will stop the acrylic door from hitting the metal cabinet of the freeze dryer.  The Hose Grommet slips easily over the drain hose and then slips into the space cut out of the side panel.  This eliminates the hose to metal friction and also holds the hose into a sloped position for better draining.  The 4 shims can be placed under the front feet of the freeze dryer during the defrost cycle.  It gives the vacuum chamber a slight tilt that will stop pooling of water in the chamber and stop water from dripping down the front door or onto the floor. 

Each Kit Comes with 4 Shims,  2 Door Guard Cushions, 1 Hose Grommet,  and instructions on how to install. 

Door Pads come in Black and White to match your machine.

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