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"Locking" Freeze Dryer CORNER Tray Stackers


This is for one COMPLETE SET of  Locking Corner tray stackers for Small, Medium, Large or XL Freeze dryer Trays (and will accommodate any size Freeze Dryer Tray with rolled edges (select yours below).  If you need to stack more than one set of trays, check out our 4 stacker option!

These new and improved stackers "lock" onto your freeze dryer pan and prevent them from slipping off.  Stack your trays with confidence with our new sturdier design. Compatible with Tray Dividers, Silicone, Parchment etc. (not included)

Use these tray stackers for pre-freezing your food to save money, space and have the freeze dryer ready for the next batch!  These are food grade and made in the USA!  Also dishwasher safe!  Get multiple sets to stack as high as you have room for.   The stacker adds 1/2" of height to the top of the tray (example 5 trays makes a stack 5 1/2" tall)

1 Set of Small = 8 stackers (enough to stack 3 trays). 1 Set of Medium=12 stackers (enough to stack 4 trays). 1 Set of large= 16 stackers (enough to stack 5 trays), 1 set XL = 20 stackers (enough to stack 6 trays), 4 stacker set= 4 stackers (enough to stack 2 trays or gives you the ability to stack an additional set of trays).  If you are stacking more than 1 set of trays be sure to count the numbers of stackers needed. Use our picture to help determine what you need. (Example- if you are stacking 10 trays all together will need to order a Large set and X- large set. If you are stacking 8 mediums all together you will need a medium and a large set) 

Please be aware that trays can have slight variations and some may "grip" tighter than others, but all should hold onto the tray without falling off.

Made of FDA Compliant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)