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Tray Dividers For The Cube Freeze Dryer-Adjustable Locking Grid (Enough For 4 Trays)


Make your freeze dryer trays portion making machines. 
Designed to fit The Cube Trays
These are MADE IN THE USA and Made of Food Safe Polypropylene
BPA Free
Interlocking molds make adjustable grids that stay together
Knife edge on one side allows you to cut through tough foods
Easy grip tabs, sturdy, durable, dishwasher safe and FDA approved material
Made to withstand freeze drying temperatures
1  divider set = 3 long and 9 short dividers
1 tray set divides up to as many as 40 individual compartments. 
You will receive enough divider sets for 4 trays

Actual Piece Lengths:
Long: 17-3/8"; Short = 8/1-2"