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Tray Stackers For The Cube Freeze Dryer


PLEASE NOTE:  These do NOT lock on to The Cube trays as they do on the Harvest Right Trays.  They rest securely on the corner of the trays and are sturdy for stacking, storing and transporting trays. 

One set of 12  corner tray stackers stacks 4 of The Cube Freeze Dryer trays.   If you need to stack more than one set of trays, add our 4 stacker option!  If you are stacking more than 1 set of trays be sure to count the numbers of stackers needed. (Example- if you are stacking 8 trays all together will need to order 2 sets of 12 stackers and an extra set of 4.

Use these tray stackers for pre-freezing your food to save money, space and have the freeze dryer ready for the next batch!  These are food grade and made in the USA!  Also dishwasher safe!  Get multiple sets to stack as high as you have room for.   The stacker adds 1/2" of height to the top of the tray (example 5 trays makes a stack 5 1/2" tall)